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PVC Fence Canada - Buy PVC Fencing Online!

At PVC Fence Canada, you are guaranteed quality products and workmanship. Buy PVC fencing online on our easy-to-use website or by calling us to place an order! All our installations are done with the very best fencing materials out there. We specialize in PVC fencing and these come with long warrantee terms. We understand that a major purchase such as a new fence is a big decision. Working with the best fence supplier allows us to guarantee you that your fence is going to be made of great quality materials only. PVC Fence Canada now offers the ability to buy PVC fencing online using this website! Make a few clicks and come pickup your PVC fencing a few days later, it’s that easy!


 Investing in a good fence is certainly worth the investment. A PVC fence from PVC Fence Canada often costs similar to a wood fence, but in the long-term PVC is a lot more worth it. Wood fences are nice and affordable, but they are also come with high maintenance requirements. They are susceptible to all kinds of damage including water and termite damage. Having routine repair and maintenance work done is the key, but this comes at a cost. If you buy a wood fence instead of choosing PVC Fence Canada, you will not get the same number of years you could get out of our PVC fencing. As another benefit it can’t get any easier than to buy PVC fencing online using our website!


PVC Fence Canada has PVC fence installers with many years of experience installing in and around Toronto. It is known that every setup and property is different and make it our mission to understand your requirements and vision before we get started. We pride ourselves in having completed a large portfolio of PVC fence installations all with the greatest of care and quality. At PVC Fence Canada, we maintain high standards and adhere to best practices from start to finish. We do this to ensure the safety of our team and our clients as the end users of our workmanship. You can count on us to get the job done properly.


Why choose our Super Fence over premium or other PVC fencing?

The Super Fence from PVC Fence Canada includes two double-sided Aluminum supports for the top and bottom rail, essentially making it the strongest fence in North America.

A standard PVC fence comes with a single steel one-sided support. The disadvantage to this is steel often rusts, and the fence will only have 1x one-sided support instead of 2x double-sided support in our Super Fence.

View the differences below:

Steel “J” Channel: One-sided support for PVC fencing (Included in Premium PVC fence panels). 1 piece included in each panel.

pvc fence canada

Aluminum I-Beam Stiffener: Double-sided support for PVC fencing (Included in SUPER PVC fence panels). 2 pieces included in each panel.

pvc fence canada
buy pvc fence online
pvc fence canada